native filipino house home design

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native filipino house home design

native filipino house home design - Breaking up is hard to do even in your own language, but what do you do when you have to break up in a foreign language? Read on for some Japanese phrases that will help you at that difficult time if you need to break up in Japanese.

Remember when you read the following phrases that the language used by males and females in Japanese can be different. The male language tends to sound rougher and the female softer.

If the relationship is over, then you may hear 'Mo owari-yo' (This is what a girl would say) or if you are a boy and need to end it, you would say 'Mo owari' or 'Mo owari-da'. 'Owari' means to be finished, and this phrase is meaning that the relationship is over or finished.
Unfortunately you may also hear 'Mo aishitenai'. This means 'I don't love you anymore'. This expression can be used by both males and females.

If you are a boy and want to tell the girl that you won't ever forget her, you can use 'Kimi-no-koto wasure-nai'.
You may have wonderful memories of being together and to express this you can say 'Suteki-na omoide-o arigato', which means 'Thanks for the great memories'.
Some relationships don't end so well, and if it is like that, some of these phrases might be useful 'Mo denwa shinaide' - which means 'Don't Call me anymore' or 'Mo aenai-wa' - 'I can't meet you anymore' or 'Mo aishitenai-kara', 'I don't love you anymore'.
Hopefully you won't need to know or use the phrases in this article, but if your relationship does end, its better to be prepared.
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native filipino house home design,